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Phone Support

(800) 245-6489 for Tech. Support
(800) 516-3636 for Parts

Click the Contact Page for more numbers (i.e. Canada and French) and Email Addresses

Thanks again for your support of an American-made company!

At England's Stove Works, we take Technical Support seriously.
In fact, it is our goal to have the best support in the industry - year after year -
and we honestly believe that we do.
Our phone support Techs. are not only factory-trained, they're factory-employed*...
they work on the factory line during the building season, then work the phones during the busy call season - So they have an intimate, first-hand knowledge of the product they're helping you with.

*Please have your unit's model number, manufacture date and serial number when you call (they can be found on the metal plate on your unit).

If you are calling for Tech. Support for a pellet stove- please unplug your unit and remove the back panel. This may help you avoid having to remove the panel and call back in. If your stove is showing error codes, please make note of the codes before unplugging your unit.

PLEASE NOTE: During the heating season, there may be busy periods for our phone lines, and wait times may be longer than normal.
Folks are calling in with installation questions, parts questions, etc., as well as Technical Support issues.

Please bear with us if you call during the heating season, as we attempt to give complete, quality service to every call.
Unfortunately, our operators on the Main/Parts number cannot transfer calls to the Technical Support location; please call (800) 245-6489 for any stove-related questions or Tech. Support issues.
Also, you may be able to save yourself some time if you try our click-through Troubleshooting Guide. Click Here to try our Troubleshooting Guide.

Alternatively, you may choose to email us. Click Here to reach us by email.
We try to answer all emails within one business day.

*A few Techs. are year-round in the Tech. Support office; the rest work seasonally between the factory and the phones