"My wife thinks I'm a genius..." And other great things we've done for our customers

Through the years, we've gotten some neat feedback from homeowners regarding our products and the great folks in our Technical Support department.  Following are some of the many wonderful comments we've received - and if you want to see more, just check out the other testimonials on our Englander or Timber Ridge pages; those products are built and serviced in the same way at our facilities.

THANKS so much for checking out our testimonials - the satisfaction of our customers is important to us, and we love to help them 'spread the word'! In fact, if you have a testimonial you'd like to share, please let our Tech. Support department know.

Some comments may be edited slightly for content and clarity.  Remember that not everyone will have results identical to any given testimonial - heating results depend on a lot of variables, such as flue layout, fuel type, insulation properties, etc.  Please check back again, as testimonials are valued by us and are added on a regular basis.

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--- S T O V E   T E S T I M O N I A L S ---

Web Store Order Comment: Great company

"You guys are a great company!"

D.S. (OR) - (When possible, we list the stove owner's initials and the state in which they live)

Email: Best Telephone Service I Have Ever Had

"I want to say a big "thank you" to your tech for helping me today with my stove problem. It's working fine now, apparently. He was clearly very knowledgeable, but very patient as well. Of all the products I have used in my 61 years, I will say ESW has provided me with the best telephone service I have ever had. You guys are the best. Thanks"
J.L. (MA)

Email: He was patient, pleasant and very helpful

I had a technical issue with my pellet stove.  It was overheating and not
functioning properly.  W. walked me through the trouble shooting
process.  He was patient, pleasant and very helpful.

I really appreciate the technical support that was provided by W. to get
my pellet stove running properly again.

Please share this message with him and his supervisor.

Thank You

P. M.


Facebook: Keeps Chugging Along

"My ole Multi-Fuel / Pellet stove keeps chugging along.  Very reliable. No issues at all. With my regular cleanings she burns hot and clean. Thanks for your reasonably priced and reliable products."

J.W. (KY)






Email: I still read your emails. Weird huh?

"I don't even own my pellet stove anymore as we sold our home about 6 years ago - but I remain on your email list...and I STILL most times read your emails.  Weird huh?  

I love that the emails you send out are not excessive.  Your emails are never "pushy" about trying to get me to spend money.  They are just always cheerful and informative.  I had great customer service with your company when I owned my pellet stove.  I felt your company went above and beyond in customer service.  

Whenever the topic of pellet stoves comes up I always strongly recommend your company, and obviously if I were in the market again...I would not hesitate to buy from you!  Thanks for being so good!"


Card: Professional Kindness

"K.  and I thank  you for not only warming homes but hearts.

When  we called the customer service/parts line,  the gentleman that helped us treated us with professional kindness.  May your New Year have God's abundant blessings. Prayerfully,"

K. & D.

Email: Up and Running in no Time

"Great service! Pellet stove is up and running in no time. I ordered the part and received it in two days, not bad."


Email: Good People Person

Just wanted to let you know that I fired the stove up and had a problem. Called and spoke with T. and in 1 day the part was here in hand. He is a great person to deal with and a good people person. Thanks for all you did for me a few months back. Thanks again M.

P.S. (NC)

Email: A Bag or Less a Day

"I purchased your small pellet stove about 3 years ago and I just want to say it has worked quite well. I have had no problems so far and it is very warm and efficient...
I like nothing more than turning on the stove and using a bag or less a day to heat my home quite nicely, while especially not hearing the furnace come on.
One of the reasons I purchased your brand was price and the fact that it is American made, if it had said 'China' I would never have bought it. Nice Job! Keep it up."

Scott (PA)

Web Store Order Comment: No Other Company Comes Close

"I love this (55-SHP10 Pellet Stove) stove, heat my whole house with it for years. And the personal help from M.H...can't be beat.

No other company (stove or otherwise) comes close to England's."

J.G. (NY)








Email: Thanks for Saving My Marriage

"I just wanted to thank you nice folks for saving my marriage. I am a polar bear, if the house was 50 degrees, I would be fine. However, my new wife is not of the polar bear nature, she is more tropic, and prefers the house around 101 degrees.

Your stove is as close as we can get to unity over this. I used 10% of my propane in a week, I can't heat this house at the fuel prices. So, her dad bought us this stove for Christmas, and I just got it installed today, what a change!

This stove is great! My lovely wife has put all of the knives away and has welcomed me back into our bedroom! Thanks again, but I have to go NOW!!"

D. E.  (CO)

Letter: Well-Made in the USA Stove

"...When we first saw your stoves on display at a (DIY store) in Rutland, VT...the stoves were very nice looking, and very well built, and the nicest thing was that they were made here in our country, and you provide jobs for our people; we go without if we can't find stuff made in the U.S.A.  I am sure we will have many years of great heat and warmth here in the cold North from your well-made in the U.S.A. stove.  Thank you very much,"

S.S. (VT)

Web Store Order Comment: Still Going Strong

"Hi! My stove is a 55-SHP10 (pellet stove). Could you make sure I get the right gasket for the burn pot? Thank you. Love my pellet stove! Good job building it smile  It's a 2004 model and still going strong."

D.H. (NY)

Email: Didn't Know What I Was Getting Into

"To England's Stove Works, Just a note to say how satisfied I am with my 6-year-old Summers Heat stove. It is: Model 55-SHP10 purchased 1/24/08...Didn't know what I was getting into when I bought it...but it has worked year after year, and this year has been the best since I'm running it (sometimes) all night long to battle the severe cold temperatures.  We have been in the minus's a couple of months, and the stove has literally "saved" us to keep an otherwise freezing basement from getting too cold, which could cause a disaster with the water pipes - plus it heats the downstairs rooms (and I have it on the lowest setting for heat/blower).

Great stove! Thank you for your excellent design and dependability. (P.S. It just keeps running as long as I keep cleaning it daily.)

T.O. (PA)

Web Store Order Comment: LOVE

"LOVE this stove!!! smile (Pellet stove manufacture date 05/2004) - Love Customer Service! Thank you."

L.B. (MI)

Web Store Order Comment: Just Plain Love It

"Love my (wood) stove...Just plain love it. it has saved my family literally thousands. It is also very sensibly made, and made well (USA!). Now I found out I can get parts for it, too! Wonderful, thanks."

C.H. (PA)

Email: Quick Warranty Work

"Hi Folks! I have a 50-SHW35 add-on wood furnace that is about 12 years old. Last year I had to replace the blower on it. Several days ago, this new blower ceased to work and I emailed your Parts Department for a replacement. I then called to question my warranty status and was then advised that the replacement blower was on its way. It arrived yesterday and we are back to functioning normally for the winter!

Thisis such superb service that I wanted to send a heartfelt "Thanks" for the speedy and courteous (service)...This type of great personal service and quick warranty work is not found often these days. You folks are great!"

P.B. (MI)

Email: After 30+ Years in Retail Management I Know

"Hi, I recently ordered an auger motor for my pellet stove, as mine was not turning...J. talked me through some procedures and found out the motor was fine, and my problem was a blocked airway.  After cleaning the airway the stove is running as good as new and I haven't bought an auger motor I didn't need. After 30+ years in retail management I know EXCELLENT customer service when I see it. J. is as good as they get. Thank you,"

R.S. (ME)

Email: I Don't Have a Question

"Hello, I don't have a question but a letter of praise for the fine men and women who build these wonderful pellet stoves. This past summer I spent countless hours trying to find another source of heat because our heating bill was running about $600 a month in the winter. Electric was our main source of heat and - short of moving Dominion's nuclear power plant into the back yard - it was getting way too expensive...I happened to walk into a (DIY store) and accidentally came across your pellet stove. I went home and did some research on pellet stoves and figured this could be the answer we were looking for as far as heat.

I loved the look of your pellet stove and also the fact that it would heat our home and fit within our budget. I read many reviews and looked at a ton of pellet stoves...I wanted a stove that was made in the good ole USA and, even better, your company is located in my state. I finally purchased it and installed it myself, which was a breeze. The stove runs and burns great...With this stove our electric bill is cut by 80%. If you throw in the cost of pellets I have saved about $350 a month...There is no smoke smell in our house and the stove runs great. I have never had a single problem with the stove. I follow the cleaning instructions to a T and it warms our house all the time.

Please let the men and women know that you have a loyal patron that appreciates their hard work crafting these fine stoves. In the future if I ever need another stove, you have my business."

G.I. (VA)


"You guys are the best, love my stove, great customer support. Thanks,"


Facebook: A Service for Families Trying to Stretch Every Dollar

"I just got off the phone with one of your service techs...The tech was spot on in advice..This unit has operated FLAWLESSLY since I bought it last December, all we do is vacuum out the burn pot and take out the burn plate and vacuum underneath it...

I've spent under $600 for the entire year up here in Connecticut!!! I was spending over $3,200 every winter with the price of home heating oil. Your product truly does a service for families trying to stretch every dollar...God bless you guys. A service guy was going to charge me $400 to come out and fix it, and I would have STILL been grateful in counting my savings. Your service department is a righteous bunch of folks!"

B.C. (CT)

Newsletter Reply:

"This will be the 10th year with our stove. We love it."

S. & J. G.

Web Store Order Comment: Still Able to Get Replacement Parts

"Dear Sirs, I am writing to tell you how happy we are with our stove and that we were still able to get replacement parts for it. Thank you for your prompt service as well. Sincerely,"

E. & J.B. (NY)

Store Order Comment: 6 Cords per Winter

"...I have really liked this (Summers Heat) stove all these years. I burn approx. 6 cords per winter, (it) does a great job of heating our home of approx. 1,800 sq. ft. Of course it is kept clean and gets a thorough cleaning at least 2 times a year."

B.L. (NM)

Email: Why the buzz

"Thank you. I find your customer service department responds fantastically. I have your large Summers Heat wood stove in addition to the pellet stove and I don't know why the buzz about expensive stoves...

Your stoves are great and they save me alot of money!"

B.J. (MI)

Email: You Helped Make a Northern MI Winter A Lot Warmer

"Parts Department: Many thanks for the great service of a great product! I ordered a blower motor for our older wood furnace on Monday...UPS got here this afternoon and I was back in service normally around 3:30 pm! This courteous and knowledgeable service you provided, plus the speedy delivery to us in Northern Michigan is greatly appreciated! You helped make a Northern Michigan winter a LOT warmer! Thanks again!"

P.B. (MI)

Email: This is Not a Complaint

"To whom it may concern: This is not a complaint. Several years ago we bought a (freestanding wood) stove from a (DIY Store) for our (my man cave) garage. Year after year, I am extremely pleased with the performance of this stove.

Your engineers must have worked overtime perfecting the ceramic baffle that appears to re-circulate and burn "un-burnt" gasses. What an amazing and efficient stove. I just wish I had somewhere else to place an additional stove, because I surely would...Thanks for a great product."


E-Mail: Heats too good

"Thank you for the wood stove. I'm having a problem with it. It heats too good. Once I get it going, and cut it back all the way, it still produces a great amount of heat for the wood I put in it.

Since I will be adding to my place this summer, it will be better, since I will have another 400 sq. ft. to heat. I know when it gets really cold, it will be perfect. It is an impressive stove, just what I wanted. One happy customer,"


E-Mail: Merry Christmas

"(I wish) everyone there a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
Thank you!! for the help with my stove over the years! I'm saving my pennies in hopes that I can get a model (55-TRPEP) stove; I like the feature with the thermostat and the stove is nice! Your friend from Massachusetts!!!"

W.W. (MA)


"I just called your customer service number and was very impressed! They were helpful, polite and didn't try to belittle me or tell me I had to have a tech look over my problem.

This doesn't happen often, I want to compliment you on your helpfulness and knowledgeable support staff. Thank you,"


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