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What Type of Fuel is Best for Me and My Family?

-- If you are looking for that "perfect stove" to heat your home, you already know that the 'Alternative Fuel' options available to you are nearly endless.  And if you talk to stove manufacturers, local dealers or even your neighbors, you are likely to get varying opinions as to what type of stove - and fuel - will work best for your home (or workshop, or whatever you want to heat)...

Fortunately, England's Stove Works (ESW) has long known that there are certain benefits to each type of fuel -- and that's why we offer a full, diverse product line to our dealers and to our customers.  In addition, we have designed and manufactured these models with many convenient and attractive options, to make that "perfect stove" for your particular home.

Following are some of the benefits of each type of stove that we make to burn these different types of fuels: 
wood, pellet, and 'multi-fuel.'

England's Stove Works wood stoves are the 'originals' - the stoves we built our early reputation on - and are still popular today, due mostly to the popularity and accessibility of wood fuel.  Many people have access to land that can provide firewood; those who don't can usually purchase wood at a much lower cost than a comparable amount of heating oil.  

Our wood stoves provide an excellent amount of radiant heat, along with circulated heat - and we now include blowers with our models for even more value (see the product pages).   In addition, our wood stoves have so much surface area that you can easily heat several dishes on them simultaneously, if you like (or if you must, as in the case of a power failure).  Add to that the fact that many consider wood heat the warmest and most satisfactory heat, and certainly the most enjoyable to view (each ESW wood stove has an ample glass viewing area), and it is easy to understand why our wood stoves remain so popular.  A few years ago we announced a new, non-catalytic wood stove line with a larger glass viewing area than any units we had previously manufactured. The high-tech "XBT" (tm) firebox on these units provides for cleaner, more efficient heat - in fact, these models (which ship with a pedestal and legs included) are EPA Certified and WA State Approved, and are available in sizes that heat from 800 sq. ft. up to 2,200 sq. ft. The non-catalytic "XBT" (tm) firebox is also used in our 1,500 sq. ft. masonry fireplace insert model.
(As a footnote here, keep in mind that concerns with winter power outages - which often become extended and very uncomfortable - have made wood stove heat a priority for many rural homeowners.)

Another great model that has maintained immense popularity over the years is the ESW add-on wood furnace. When fed into your existing ductwork, this powerful unit can heat 3,000 sq. ft. - or, it can simply "dump" heated air into a large open area, such as a workshop. Since we've made more than a few of these over the years, and realize where people are apt to place them in their homes, ESW was the first to add something unique to its add-on furnace: a standard viewing glass that allows you to check on your fire from the top of your stairs or from across the room. A sizeable 850 cfm blower and thermostat (both included) help keep heat even and constant.

To summarize, England's Stove Works wood stoves are available with many options, including freestanding and insert styling, as well as different colors of trim and the ability to interchange between legs and a pedestal on some models.  Different models heat from 800-1,200 sq. ft. (for an economical choice) to approximately 3,000 sq. ft.  Close-clearance heat shields and mobile home adaptability are also available for most models.

England's Stove Works pellet stoves are popular in large part because they are so environmentally-friendly and efficient.  Pellet fuel is made from wood waste and 'biomass' (commonly grown) materials, and has very low emission levels, which allows for a clean burn with minimum soot, ash and creosote.   Pellets are very convenient because they are sold in bags which are easily moved and stored; loading them into the stove is also easy (a typical pellet hopper may only need to be loaded once or twice a day).  Other benefits include the absence of log splitting, the peace-of-mind of clean storage and the fact that each ESW pellet stove uses less electricity than four 100-watt light bulbs, even when set on the "high" setting. 

With the many benefits of pellet fuel, it is easy to see why our pellet stoves are big sellers.  All of our models have glass viewing areas, air wash systems, built-in blowers and strong, sturdy auger feed systems, as well as our "Auto-Start" one-touch ignition system technology.  Available units range from our fireplace insert model to a model that can heat 2,200 sq. ft., to a model that can hold an impressive 120 lbs. of pellets in its hopper.  All of our pellet models are EPA Certified and WA State approved, which means that they have passed stringent testing and can be sold and operated where other units cannot.  The freestanding models are even mobile home approved...And, each of our pellet stoves can be used with our wall thermostat or our remote thermostat - your choice. Finally, we have added a free outside air kit to each of our pellet units, as well as complimentary trim with many models (see product pages) - adding over $100 value, at no extra charge!

Recent on our list of pellet models is our "Evolution Pellet" stove, which has beautiful ceramic logs and a realistic brick fiberboard. This stove can be purchased as a freestanding model; it is also available as a fireplace insert that is approved for masonry fireplace installation, and it can work in a "zero-clearance" pre-fabricated fireplace (or you can even convert the freestanding model to a fireplace insert with our Conversion Kit at a later time).  Also new to our line is the "Imperial Pellet" unit, which has a uniquely-European look and very convenient swing-out door panels for ease of use.

And along the way, ESW recognized that some homeowners want even more flexibility in their fuel choices - so we designed a "Multi-Fuel" stove. This model is EPA Certified to burn wood pellets, but can also burn corn or cherry pits (and more). The Control Board is pre-programmed for different fuels, and the Auto-Start ignition technology on this unit allows it to light the toughest fuels, including corn! A beautiful cast door design and decorative side panels (included at no extra charge) round out the elegant appearance of this stove, and it will heat an impressive 2,200 sq. ft.

No matter what your fuel choice may be, all ESW stoves are backed by a five year limited warranty on the firebox, a one year limited warranty on electrical components, and more, including toll-free Technical Support and a vast knowledge database on our web site.  These stoves have a long-lasting, nationwide reputation for efficiency, good craftsmanship and very economic pricing.  Whatever type of fuel you choose to heat your home with, England's Stove Works has a stove that can meet and exceed your expectations.

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