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Alot has been happening at England's Stove Works recently!

As usual, we've been working improvements are taking place all the time at our factory and lab, and in our stoves as well.  Check out the latest News here, and feel free to click on your favorite brand on the right-hand side of the page (Englander, TimberRidge or SummersHeat) to see the features of our latest products. 

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"And now, for the news..."

Survivor Camp Stove Used in University of Pennsylvania Engineering Project

We found this when browsing ....

A group of senior design students invented an attachment for wood-burning stoves that uses gravel to cut heating expenses. When we checked out the article, we were thrilled to see that they chose one of our Survivor Camp Stoves as the stove for their project. 

Looks like a really useful, helpful way to help those struggling with heating costs (including refugee camp residents, etc.).

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What Type of Fuel is Best for Me and My Family?

-- If you are looking for that "perfect stove" to heat your home, you already know that the 'Alternative Fuel' options available to you are nearly endless.  And if you talk to stove manufacturers, local dealers or even your neighbors, you are likely to get varying opinions as to what type of stove - and fuel - will work best for your home (or workshop, or whatever you want to heat)...

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Government 2015-2016 Tax Credit

Good news! In an effort to reward homeowners that are choosing a cleaner form of energy to heat with, the president signed into law a credit for qualifying stoves. If you purchased one of our eligible stoves during 2015 or 2016, you qualify for a $300 dollar-for-dollar tax credit. Check out the eligible stove models and the requirements to receive this credit. Speak with your tax advisor about your specific needs, but you will need our Tax Credit Certificate as well as some other forms. Check the information below, including the HPBA link, which includes guidance on filling out IRS form 5695.


More information:


Tax Credit Certificate

IRS Form 5695

Form 5695 Instructions