"My wife thinks I'm a genius..." And other great things we've done for our customers

Through the years, we've gotten some neat feedback from homeowners regarding our products and the great folks in our Technical Support department.  Following are some of the many wonderful comments we've received - and if you want to see more, just check out the other testimonials on our Summers Heat or Timber Ridge pages; those products are built and serviced in the same way at our facilities. 

THANKS so much for checking out our testimonials - the satisfaction of our customers is important to us, and we love to help them 'spread the word'! In fact, if you have a testimonial you'd like to share, please let our Tech. Support department know.

Some comments may be edited slightly for content and clarity.  Remember that not everyone will have results identical to any given testimonial - heating results depend on a lot of variables, such as flue layout, fuel type, insulation properties, etc.  Please check back again, as testimonials are valued by us and are added on a regular basis.

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---  S T O V E   T E S T I M O N I A L S  ---

Email: My Wife Thinks I'm a Genius

"I am a very happy owner of one of your pellet stoves. I installed the stove in the lower level of our home. The heat rises to the upper bedrooms...the gas furnace hardly ever comes on. The heat is even and I feel like it is very safe to operate...My wife thinks I'm a genius...Thanks again"
D. R. (KS) - (When possible, we list the stove owner's initials and the state in which they live)

Email: I will gladly recommend Englander stoves

I purchased an Englander pellet stove at (Retailer) in 2007.  Except for an igniter quitting after a few years it has performed fine for those nine years.  This month I had to replace an auger motor.  While at it I cleaned parts and installed new gaskets, etc.  The video that came with the stove was incredible in explaining how to replace parts.  When I went on your website all the needed parts were pictured so I was sure to get the right one.  I had two questions which your support people answered quickly and thoroughly (they were even located in the United States!). My stove is now operating as good a new. Great customer service!  I will gladly recommend Englander stoves to my friends.

B. O. (NH)

     Email: Here Are the Pros

"Hi, I just wanted to let you guys know that I recently replaced a ______ (brand) in my house with an Englander 30-NC, and it was one of the best things I've done lately.  Here are the pros of your stove so far:

Easy to load / Easy to light / Burns steadily and predictably / Burns clean / Puts out huge amounts of heat / Keeps hot embers 24 hours or more / Large window is easy to clean / Fits in same space as the ____ , but twice the firebox size / Cost 1/3 as much as the _____ / Super simple design means maintenance is easy

Cons? I haven't found one yet.  If I could design a stove, it would probably look just like this one. Thanks for the great engineering!"


Conversation on Hearth.com

B.P. - "Are we really trying to compare an Englander to a (Competitor Brand,) really???"

B.B. - "...No. We don't need to embarrass (Competitor Brand.)"

Courtesy of Hearth.com

Letter: Will buy a 2nd

Customer Testimonial"To England Stove Co.,

I have the 50SNC30 wood stove (not pellet.) I love it and as soon as I save up money I will buy a 2nd stove for my upstairs. I install them myself. Please let me know times and dates for your early bird specials so I can purchase accordingly."

J.F. (WI)



Email: Pleasure to Deal With

"Thanks again M. You and your staff make Englander a Pleasure to deal with."


Email: Excellent Service

"Thank you for all the excellent service, I received the shipment today."


Web Store Order Comment: 600 Gallons

"GREAT (add-on wood) furnace - I save over 600 gallons of oil each winter."

D.K. (ME)

     Note: 20 Years of Service Deserves a Note

"20 years of service deserves a note. Purchased in '93, the stove is part of our lives. I just today ordered my first part. I've burned 4 to 5 tons of pellets each year, and only greased and oiled it every other year...It's been a work horse and I dread the day I'll need to replace it. Thank you."

J.E. (WA)








Email: Built in America Truly Means Something

"To whom it may concern, I just wanted to drop you a line to say "Thank You!" This stove has been wonderful for the last 10 years, and your service department is unsurpassed in getting the job done. This past winter, 2013-2014 has been the coldest winter I can remember, and I am 64 years old...

This stove has run almost non-stop since November. The only time I shut it down was to clean it. What more can you ask for from a product? In this day and age, to find a product of this quality is almost non-existent. We spent approximately $900 on pellets this winter; if we would have used our oil furnace we would have paid over $2,000 easily.

I want to thank everyone involved with your company. Keep up the good work! This proves that "Built in America" truly means something!!"

W.M. (MD)

Email: #1 Technical Support Team

"My parts came in today, got my stove up and running. I just want to thank you all for your hard work - I'm really pleased with my stove and with how (you) do business. You have the Number 1 technical support team. Thanks again,"

J.H. (WI)

Web Store Order Comment: 25-PDV Pellet Stove

"P.S., great product, very well made"

B.B. (OH)

Phone Call: I Don't Understand

"Your (pellet stove) has saved me thousands of dollars. I don't understand why everyone in Maine doesn't have one."

W.W. (ME)

Email: Ya Do It Well

"Hey there, Just wanted to say that this 25-PDV (pellet stove) I bought a few weeks ago is the best money I have spent in a long time. I went from an 1,800 sq. ft. stove to this 2,200 sq. ft. stove, but it feels like double. Big difference. Very big difference. Anyway, thanks for doing what you guys do. Ya do it well."

T.G. (Canada)

Email: None of Those Stoves Have Anything

"Dear Englander Staff, I just wanted to let you know that I received my 30-NC woodstove and it has been operating for the last week like a champ. My wife and I are really impressed, it has done all I wanted an more. Up here in Northern Vermont we get some pretty cold weather, for the past week or so it has been 20-15 below zero and in single digits during the day...I live in an old farm house that was built in 1840 and when the weather lays in below zero as it has been, then my old house tends to give up the ghost as far as staying warm; however, the 30-NC took on the challenge and my house is warmer than it's ever been, all 2,200 sq. ft. of it.

I live in an area where ____ (brand) is made, ____ (another brand) and ____ (brand) are made here also, and I can tell you none of those stoves have anything on the Englander 30-NC. Thanks for making a good product at an affordable price."

C.W. (VT)

Newsletter Reply: We Have Three

"Thanks for your newsletter, we love our England Stoves. We have 3 of them and they are all great. Wishing your company staff a Happy Holiday Season and a Very Prosperous New Year."


Email: All the Mess is in the Garage

"I would like to say how happy I am with your add-on wood furnace. I have an attached garage with a 3-flue chimney. I installed your add-on furnace in my garage, I ran ductwork into my basement and connected my cold air return on my existing hot air furnace...I am able to bring wood into the garage in crates. All the mess is in the garage and the heat is unbelievable. I also run my circulating fan on my normal furnace to help move the air throughout the home...

You have an excellent product and I'm happy to see it's made here in America. Keep up the good work."

J.B. (NY)

Hearth.com Testimonial

"Purchased our house just under four years ago. Installed the stove (25-PDV Pellet Stove) three years ago-

Year 1: 991 gallons of oil --- $1797.00 / Year 2: 233 gallons of oil --- $817.00 / Year 3: 203 gallons of oil --- $641.00 / Year 4: We have one more delivery coming, but it's looking good already!

Basically, our stove has paid for itself and all pellets are paid for! Plus, we're saving (more) money on top of that! So happy I could go out and buy some more pellets!

(Credit hearth.com)

Facebook: New Blower Friday Morning

"I can't say enough about England's Stove Works' customer service. I started my stove and the combustion blower was really loud. I talked to Tech. Support on a Wednesday morning and had a new blower Friday morning. It is nice to have a product made in the U.S.A. and backed by outstanding service."


Email: Though Your Product is Outstanding...

"I am not sure if I am sending this to the correct place, it is my hope it gets to the president of your company. My name is T.C. and I wanted to write you folks to let you know that I recently purchased my second Englander pellet stove. Though your product is outstanding and I am very happy with it, I purchased the new pellet stove because of your outstanding customer service. I sent you all of the problems I was having with the old stove and I was contacted the next day via email with the proper settings that were required and recommended replacement parts. I also want you all to know I have recommended your product to a number of friends and, again, it was because of the quality of your product and your outstanding customer service."

T.C. (CT)

Email: Super Professional

"I would like to take this opportunity to say a WHOLE BIG THANK YOU to J.! I have an older pellet stove, and he not only had the knowledge to fix my problem, he was also very kind, patient and to say the very least...super pofessional! It was welcoming to deal with someone of this nature...who also spoke and understood the English language! Please recognize him for his fantastic interpersonal communication skills! Sincerely,"


Email: Overjoyed

"My husband and I just want you to know how OVERJOYED we are with our pellet stove (25-PDVC, heats 1,500 sq. ft.). We purchased it at (DIY store), where we both happen to work, after hearing one customer after another rave about the stoves.

Our house is heated by oil and it was becoming prohibitively expensive. Last winter, we were always cold, having to keep our furnace on a low setting in order to keep up with our bills. My husband installed our pellet stove in November and it is the warmest and most comfortable we have ever been in either of the two homes we have owned...We couldn't be happier. Thank you! smile"

A. & R.M.

Web Store Order Comment:

"Hello, My stove is a 24-JC (older wood insert). Just wanted to tell you this stove is great!!!"

K.G. (CT)

Email: I Have Two Englander Stoves

"I would like to tell you about my experiences when calling for technical support. I have two Englander pellet stoves...each stove had issues. I contacted your Technical Support and was graced by an older gentleman who knew exactly what I needed and was quick to send the parts I needed.

I wish I had gotten his name. His service should be recognized. Thank you. Sincerely,"

T.D. (MI)

Web Store Order Comment: Killer

"We have these (10-CPM Multi-Fuel / Pellet Stove) by our ranch. Killer American-made systems."

J.D. (CA)

Letter: Not the Sharpest Tool

"Hello, I bought an Englander pellet stove last winter and this season needed some help with some problems I was having. I called your service number and spoke with L. He was wonderful.
I am handicapped and not the sharpest tool in the box when it comes to repairs of any kind, so when I say he talked me through all the things that could possibly be wrong, I mean every single thing...and with the utmost patience.
As it turned out the problem wasn't with the stove, but with the flue. Even though I vacuum it regularly there was build-up and once it was taken care of, the stove was back up and running. I so love this little stove (25-PDVC)."

B.L.P. (VA)

Email: Replaced a 37 Year Old Stove

"I bought a new wood add-on furnace from a (DIY Store) on clearance...It replaced a 37-year old ____ (brand) wood stove in the basement. I am heating 3,000 sq. ft. including the basement, so far it consumes about the same amount of wood and puts out twice the heat of my old stove. It was 2 degrees one morning and after a 9-hour burn it was 72 degrees in my house and had plenty of coals left...

It's built in the good old USA instead of China. I just wanted to thank you for making an excellent wood stove, at a price I could afford. Keep up the good work!"

T.S. (GA)

Web Store Order Comment

"The stove (wood insert) rocks year after year since 1998, nice job!"

K.M. (OH)

Email: The Opportunity to Re-build Instead of Re-buy

"We have had our pellet stove for many years. It was manufactured in 1998. Bought it used for $700. Had to replace one blower motor in it a few years back.

Last year some of the bushings started making alot of noise so we tried looking for a new one during the summer. I finally found a complete rebuild kit for it online (on England's Stove Works web store), all new motors, gaskets, gasket cement, everything included....What a huge difference. Quiet operation, wonderful heat...I wish they made things today that lasted so well. Thank you England's Stove Works for providing us the opportunity to re-build instead of re-buy."

C. & B.M. (PA)


"...You guys are reading my mind with your email...Thanks, Guys. Love this stove - so easy to maintain. And BTW it keeps us nice and warm. (smile)"


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