Made in the USA
Control panel to adjust heat output. Outside air hook-up.
Pellet hopper for fuel.
Inside the Firebox.
Safety turn off switch activates when hopper door is opened.
Side access panel.
Meets UL and ULC standards for product safety.

Englander 1,500 Sq. Ft. Pellet Stove

Pellet: 25-PDVC

See (and feel) for yourself what makes this quaint, compact pellet stove one of the best-selling (if not the best-selling) pellet stoves of all time!

E.P.A. Certification (and WA State approval) means that it can be sold and installed nearly anywhere.  In addition, this model is very economically priced, saving you hundreds of dollars over comparable brands from more expensive manufacturers. Don’t let the price fool you, though, because this stove has the extras that the “elite” models have.

The fire is started with our Auto-Start One-Touch Igniter, and the user-friendly digital Control Board helps you set the feed rate and blower speed to a setting that makes your home feel the most comfortable. The hopper holds a full, 40-lb. bag of pellets (plenty for overnight burns), and the unique, cast auger feed system feeds a firebox that can heat up to 1,500 sq. ft. It is also Mobile Home approved. Outside air hook-up is mandatory, and an Outside Air Kit is included with the unit (a value over $60).  Now includes brass and nickel handles, so that you can choose which looks best for your home.



  • Heats up to 1,500 sq. ft. to ensure a warm, cozy living space, perfect for moderately-sized homes
  • EPA Certified (and WA State approved) translates into very clean, efficient burns – you use less fuel for the same amount of heat than non-certified stoves
  • User-friendly digital control board controls heat output and blower speed for steady, accurate heating
  • Outside air hook-up provides fresh air for excellent fuel combustion
  • Unique double cast auger feed system for consistent, dependable fuel flow


  • One of the best-selling pellet stoves of all time – and continues to be, year after year
  • Economically priced to fit any budget
  • Cast iron door and quality welded steel body promise years of durable service
  • Outside air kit included for an added value of over $60 (Outside air hook-up is required)
  • Brass and nickel handles included for more value


  • 40 lb. hopper capacity holds enough fuel for overnight burns
  • Our Auto-Start One Touch Ignition ensures simple, safe start-up, time after time
  • 3 in. rear vent fits standard pellet vent pipe, including our popular through-the-wall kit (optional)
  • Close clearance to combustibles, allowing for more placement options
  • Approved for Mobile Home installation
  • Handy access panels make maintenance a snap

Quality and Charm:

  • Satin black steel body and contrasting trim make this a great match for any decor
  • Prominent door glass and air wash system offer a clear, beautiful view of the fire
  • Freestanding design allows this to be an attractive addition to nearly any area
  • Meets UL and ULC standards for product safety
  • Operation and service DVD included for peace of mind and ease of use
  • Proudly made in U.S.A. and supported by our own Technical Support staff
  • Stylish nickel handles fit any home’s décor.

22 5/8 " W x 28 1/4 " H x 24" D
291 lbs.
Type of fuel
Wood pellets
Hopper capacity
Approx. 40 lbs.
Door glass
9" x 9"
Flue size (I.D.)
3" pellet rear vent
Height from floor to center of exhaust
Approx 13"
140 cfm. adjustable settings


Brass Lip Trim (for ash apron)
Nickel Lip Trim (for ash apron)
Brass Window Trim
Nickel Window Trim
Dura-Vent 3" Pellet Vent Kit
Dura-Vent 4" Pellet Vent Kit (for 4000ft + installations)
Ash Vacuum
Ash Vacuum (Quiet)
Ash Vacuum Tool Kit
Ash Vacuum Filter Package
  • PU-DVD09 Video for Auto-Start Pellet Stoves

    (Note: One copy of this is included with your unit).  DVD which covers a variety of pellet stove installation, maintenance and servicing procedures for Englander, Summers Heat and Timber Ridge models.
    Now trilingual: English, Spanish, French
    Cost:You pay only Shipping & Handling.

  • PU-DTSTAT Wall Thermostat

    Digital Wall Thermostat. Can be used on all of our pellet units, as well as our multi-fuel unit.
    Mercury-Free!  Comes with proprietary instructions for installing on our units.

  • AC-3003 Remote Thermostat

    Remote Thermostat for Pellet and Multi-Fuel models; see Store for full description.

  • AC-SH Spring Handle

    Door spring handle (large). Color: Brass. Fits our standard 1/2" diameter door handle rod on our stoves.

  • AC-SHN Nickel Spring Handle

    Door spring handle (large). Color: Brushed Nickel. Fits our standard 1/2" diameter door handle rod for our stoves.

  • AC-G9 Glass Kit

    Door Glass Kit. Includes 9 1/8" x 9 1/8" glass, and gasket necessary to install. This is our ceramic high-temperature glass, do not replace with any other type glass.

  • AC-GGK Glass Gasket

    Window glass gasket kit. Includes gasket (approx. 1" x 7' flat, adhesive on one side). Does not include glass.
    Includes self-adhesive backing for easy strip and press application.
    Is also used as Ash Pan gasket on some stoves, see your stove's parts diagram or owner's manual for reference.

  • AC-RTV3 Silicone

    3 oz. tube black silicone. Tested to 425 degrees F.

  • AC-MBSP Black Spray Paint

    High-temperature black spray paint. 12 oz. can.  Two cans of paint should paint your entire unit.

  • AC-DGKC Door Gasket Kit

    Door gasket kit.  See your stove's Owner's Manual for the door gasket kit for your stove.

  • AC-HP Hinge Pin Rivet

    Hinge Pin Rivet for cast stove door; 3/8" x 1 3/4". Price shown is for one pin.

  • PU-AF6T Top Auger

    Top Auger for pellet units.

  • PU-AF11B Bottom Auger

    Bottom Auger. For all 25-PDVC/55-SHP10/55-TRP10 units. Also for ALL pellet models 2001 and later.

  • PU-2X570 Locking Collar

    3/4" I.D. Auger Shaft Locking Collar for pellet stoves.

  • PU-047040 Auger Motor

    1 R.P.M. Auger Motor for Pellet Units.

  • PU-UCF204-12 Auger Bearing

    Auger Bearing (block bearing) for pellet units. 3/4" bore.

  • PU-ABG Auger Bearing Gasket

    Auger Bearing Gasket. For stoves built 2000 or before. Fits on block bearing.

  • PU-ABGN Auger Bearing Gasket

    Auger Bearing Gasket. For stoves built 2001 or later. New material, replaces PU-ABG. Fits on block bearing.

  • PU-AMS Auger Motor Support Sleeve

    Auger Motor Gasket Support Sleeve. Fits around outside air intake, Lower Auger Motor rests on it.

  • PU-076002B Combustion (Exhaust) Blower

    Combustion (Exhaust) Blower. Negative draft. Includes gasket necessary to install, and includes pipe adapter.

  • PU-CBMG Combustion Blower Gasket and Motor Gasket

    Contains the following two items:
    1. Combustion Blower Gasket. Fits on Exhaust (Combustion) Blower flange, where blower meets stove. The odd-shaped gasket pictured at top left.
    2. Combustion Blower Motor Gasket. Fits on Exhaust (Combustion) Blower motor, so that you can remove the motor from the Combustion Blower housing, clean your stove, and replace the motor and gasket without having to remove the entire Combustion Blower.
    Replace the appropriate gasket each time you remove your motor (or entire blower assembly) to clean it.

  • PU-4C442 Convection (Room Air) Blower

    Convection (Room Air) Blower. 140 cfm.

  • PU-CB04 Digital Control Board

    Digital System Control Board (rear of board is pictured). For models manufactured 2004 or later (auto-start igniter models).

  • PU-CB98 Digital Control Board

    Digital System Control Board. For models manufactured before 2004.

  • PU-CBF6 Control Board Fuse

    Fuse for Control Board. Box of 5.

  • PU-CBHS Control Board Heat Sensor

    Heat Sensor for Control Board (the white-covered wire shown in photo).

  • AC-HLSA Hopper Lid Safety Switch (Arm Lever Type)

    Hopper Lid Safety Switch. Sometimes listed as AC-HLS or PU-HLS.
    Important! You must replace with the type of switch that came with your stove...If your switch is a "button" type rather than this, see AC-HLSB.

  • AC-HLSB Hopper Lid Safety Switch (Button Type)

    Hopper Lid Safety Switch. Sometimes listed as AC-HLS or PU-HLS.
    (NOTE: Also for pellet grill/smokers with PG100 in model number).
    Important! You must replace with the type of switch that came with your stove...If your switch is a "arm" type rather than this, see AC-HLSA.

  • PU-HLG Gasket

    Hopper Lid Gasket for pellet stove hopper lids. Includes self-adhesive backing for easy strip and press application.

  • PU-103-50 Hopper Lid Latch

    Hopper Lid Latch. One per package.
    NOTE: As a TOP LID latch, was for pellet stoves manufactured 2001 and earlier. For pellet stoves manufactured 2002 or later, see Part Number PU-62-40-151-3.
    However, is used later on some models as an ash pan latch, for example. See your stove's parts diagram in your owner's manual.

  • PU-62-40-151-3 Hopper Latch

    Recessed Hopper Lid Latch. One per package.

  • PU-OAK Outside Air Kit for Pellet Units

    This kit is manufactured by England's Stove Works. Provides outside fresh air that is mandatory for most pellet and multi-fuel installations (including all England's Stove Works models).

  • PU-VS Vacuum Shut-Down Switch

    Vacuum Shut Down Switch. The vacuum hose from this switch connects to the Exhaust Blower of the stove. Will retro-fit to older (metal) type switches in our older model pellet units.

  • CU-VS Vacuum Shut-Down Switch

    Vacuum Shut Down Switch. This is the "Door Ajar Switch." The vacuum hose from this switch connects directly to the firebox of the stove.
    This part is used in 2006 and later model pellet stoves.

  • PU-VH Vacuum Hose Kit

    Vacuum Hose Kit for vacuum shut-down switch. Contains one (1) five-foot length of hose that can be cut to fit your model, plenty of clamps (6), and instructions. Vacuum Switch not included.

  • IP-25PDVC Impingement Plate

    Impingement (baffle) Plate(s) for 25-PDVC, 55-SHP10, 55-SHP10L, 55-TRP10 or American Standard pellet stoves.
    Plate(s) may or may not be exactly like plate pictured here (this is to give a general idea of appearance of part).

  • CA-FS04 Cast Feeder Pot

    Cast Feeder Pot Assembly. This is a one-piece unit, which is the feeder pot assembly (not the "burn pot") for the pellet stove. This is a cast assembly (not welded). For all pellet units with a cast (not welded) feeder pot (2002 and later).

  • PU-BP02 Burn Pot

    Burn Pot (firepot) Assembly. This is a one-piece unit, which is the burn pot only (not the entire "feeder system") for the pellet stove. NOTE: Wear plate is included with this part.

  • PU-BP98WP Wear Plate

    Wear plate. Rests inside burn pot.

  • PU-BPG Burn Pot Gasket

    Burn Pot Flange Gasket. Fits between the burn pot and the rear of the stove.

  • PU-CHA Cartridge Heater Assembly

    Cartridge Heater element for Auto-Start pellet units (Auto-Start units have manufacture date of 2004 or later). Comes with locking collar.
    (NOTE: This is also the igniter for pellet grills with PG100 in the model number.)

Our pellet stoves have a reputation for long-lasting, heat-producing performance that can comfortably heat your home for years to come.Pellet Stove Exploded View

In addition, we intentionally design our stoves so that maintenance can be performed quickly and easily -- just be sure to keep your Owner's Manual handy for information on ash cleanout, etc. --

and if you do need to replace any parts, simply call us or log onto the England's Stove Works Store page to order your parts, quickly and easily.

Choose your manual from the list below. U.S. and Canada (which includes French) versions are listed.


25-pdvc canada-

Englander 1,500 Sq. Ft. Pellet Stove

All Englander stove models are intentionally designed to be user-friendly and simple to maintain

Check out these quick videos that describe how to operate (and maintain) the 25-PDVC pellet stove.  These are also found on the DVD that came with your unit, but we've broken them up here so that you can find any subject you want and quickly view it.

Be sure to check out your Owner's Manual as well (you can click on the Manuals tab if you need one) - and, as always, feel free to contact our Technical Support, toll-free, at (800) 245-6489 with any questions. 

Entire Playlist: If you'd like to view all of the videos in order (like they are on the DVD), Click Here to play the entire playlist ...

Or, view the individual subjects below:

Unpacking & Dry Run

(includes unpacking your stove and the 'Dry Run' test and inspection)

Pellet Stove Installation

(great information on pellet stove (through-the-wall) installation, as well as outside air kit installation)

Start Up

Ash Removal & Disposal

(overview of the (easy) ash removal process)

Daily Ash Maintenance

Semi-Weekly Ash Removal

Monthly Ash Removal

(includes baffle plate removal and instructions for vacuuming ash)

Annual Clean Out

Gasket Maintenance - Burn Pot

Gasket Maintenance - Window & Door

Gasket Maintenance - Hopper Lid

Combustion (Exhaust) Blower

Auger Motor & Assembly

Convection (Room Air) Blower


Vacuum Switches & Hopper Lid Switch

(good overview of how the safety switches work)

Control Board Operation

(includes explanation of the control board and what you can expect as your stove is running)


Be sure to check our site often, as we add more information, FAQ's, news, etc. that is relevant and helpful to YOU!

How can I get a copy of my product’s Owner’s Manual?

Although every stove ships from the factory with a printed Owner's Manual, a copy of your Owner's Manual may be obtained free of charge when you download it from this web site.

Simply navigate to your stove (or grill) model in our Products pages (choose your brand from the Home page and find your model) and click on the Manuals tab at the bottom of your model's page.

Your manual will be available as a .pdf file for you to download and/or print at your convenience. Click Here if you need a free copy of Acrobat Reader to read .pdf files.

What kind of warranty do I get with my pellet stove?

All of our stoves come with a Limited 5-year warranty on the Firebox,

and 1-Year Limited warranty on the electrical components (and more!).

Click Here to check out a generic copy of our pellet stove warranty (be sure to check your Owner's Manual for the specific warranty for your model).

What can I expect from the DVD that comes with my pellet stove?

Every pellet (or multi-fuel) stove that is manufactured by England's Stove Works comes with an instructional DVD.

Click Here for an idea of what you can expect with the DVD that comes with your pellet stove.

Tell me more about your ash vacuum system

An ash vacuum will make cleaning your wood stove, pellet stove or pellet grill much easier, and a great ash vacuum can make the job (almost) enjoyable.

Click Here to read more about our popular ash vacuum system

Click Here to visit our online store page and check out our ash vacuums and accessories

How easy is it to maintain a pellet stove? What tools are required?

England's Stove Works was started with, and continues to believe in, the strong 'Do it Yourself' spirit of homeowners everywhere.  Our pellet stoves are very easy to maintain, and a few basic tools can take care of any task you may need to handle.

Tools required to work on a pellet stove may include:

Hammer; Basic socket set; Pliers; Ajustable wrench (or wrench set); Wire cutters; Plastic wire ties; Small allen wrench set; Safety glasses ... That's about it!

Wait! Save yourself some time! Don’t return your pellet stove or grill part until you read this

If you're about to replace a blower, vacuum hose or switch, or any other electrical part, please Click Here and read this important information first.

Tell me more about pellet and multi-fuel vent pipe

In addition to choosing the best stove for your home, you will also want to invest in the best pipe that will provide years of service.

Click Here for information on our popular Through-the-Wall vent kit.

Click Here if you would like to see our entire online store page for multi-fuel and pellet vent pipe.

Do you have a Troubleshooting Guide I can check out?

Yes! Actually, there are multiple ways to troubleshoot your stove...

In your Owner's Manual, there is a Troubleshooting Guide page, for the most common potential issues (some wood manuals have a 'Helpful Hints' section instead).

We also have a 'Walk-Through' Troubleshooting Guide on this site...just go to the main FAQ page and choose 'Troubleshooting' under the Categories, and click Filter.

And, as always, you may contact a Technical Support specialist toll-free at (800) 245-6489 with any further questions.

How do I track my parts order?

We take pride in our Technical Support as well as our fast shipping, so rest assured that your parts order will be processed asap.  Here's how to track your parts order from England's Stove Works:

(PLEASE NOTE -- FOR WEB AND PHONE ORDERS: We do enter and ship orders asap, but please give at least one to two business days after placing your order before you attempt to track it, so that it can get into the tracking system.)

WEB ORDERS:  Click Here to go to the UPS Tracking page to track "by Reference Number." In the Reference Number field on the UPS site, simply enter the (shipping) zip code that you used when placing your web order, then the order number that our online shopping program gave you, with NO spaces...(for example: 2457486523). Click the "Track" button -- it's that simple!

ORDERS THAT ARE PHONED IN:  Click Here to go to the UPS Tracking page to track "by Reference Number." In the Reference Number field on the UPS site, enter the (shipping) zip code that you used when placing your phoned-in order, then the order (or claim) number that our Customer Service rep. gave you, with NO spaces...(for example: 2457486523). Click the "Track" button -- again, it's that simple!

Note: If you do not have this information, you may call (800) 245-6489 and we can find and track your order for you...but if you have this information, please keep it handy, it can save you time if you track your order yourself.

What’s so great about being EPA and Washington State Certified?

Look  for this “EPA Certified” logo throughout our site:

Our stoves are EPA Certified

Most of our stoves are EPA Certified, which means that an independent, accredited laboratory has tested the stove and determined that it meets EPA Phase II particulate emissions limit standards (7.5 grams or less per hour for non-catalytic wood stoves & pellet stoves, 4.1 grams or less per hour for catalytic stoves). 

Washington State takes its requirements even further: wood stoves offered for sale in the state of Washington must meet a particulate emissions limit of 4.5 grams per hour for non-catalytic wood stoves & pellet stoves
and 2.5 grams per hour for catalytic.

What does this mean for you?  Besides having peace of mind that you are burning "cleaner and greener” with far less pollution, EPA certified wood and pellet stoves are often much higher in efficiency than uncertified units.  This means you use less fuel for the same amount of heat, saving you money!

For more info visit the United States Environmental Protection Agency website at

What do I need to know about connecting a pellet unit to outside air?

Outside air installation is mandatory for our pellet units to operate properly. These units have been designed and tested with this type connection,

because so many homes are airtight and there is not adequate combustion air available from inside the home.
The air intake pipe is located at the rear of the burn pot and measures one and one half inches (1 1/2") inside diameter (I.D.). This connection can be made with 1 7/8" I.D. metal pipe and coupler, and should exit through the wall or floor. Be sure to secure the pipe to the unit with a clamp or aluminum tape. The outside end of the pipe should be covered (screened) to prevent foreign matter from entering the system.
Our Outside Air Kit (Part Number PU-OAK) can be used (includes Spanish and French information).

Note:  If your unit is located below ground level, you will need to run the pipe up and then outside the dwelling. Also note: If the total run of the connection exceeds 6', use 3" metal pipe (and coupler) instead.

Click Here if you need to purchase an outside air kit.

If you need more information on this, please call Technical Support at (800) 245-6489, or  email us.

How do I install the PU-OAK Outside Air Kit for pellet stoves? (English, French, Spanish)

Click Here for instructions that detail the installation of our PU-OAK outside air kit for pellet stoves.  English, French and Spanish included.

Can I install my pellet stove near a central furnace or cold air return?

A note on cold air returns and central furnaces...

Some homes, including the modern, air-tight homes that are well-insulated, create a negative draft that could cause smoke to be released from your unit, especially if it is too close to your home’s central furnace.  If you install your stove in the same room as the cold air return from your home’s central furnace, you must place your stove at least 20 feet (20’) from the cold air return.  We recommend you open an outside window slightly, and never close the door that leads from this room to the rest of your home.

Can I see a list of vent termination clearance requirements for pellet stoves?

When installing a pellet (or multi-fuel) stove, plan and prepare for proper termination of your vent (chimney/exhaust) system. See your stove's Owner's Manual, and refer to this diagram:

Click Here for a diagram and list of clearance requirements for pellet vent systems.

Do you have a basic diagram and parts list? (Models with PDVC, SHP10 or TRP10 in model number)

Click Here for an exploded view and parts list of our pellet units with PDVC, SHP10 or TRP10 in the model number.

Are hopper extensions safe to use with my stove?

England's Stove Works, Inc. does NOT currently design its stoves (pellet or multi-fuel or otherwise) for use with hopper extensions. The use of any third-party extensions will not only void your warranty, but is potentially unsafe, as proper airflow and seals must be maintained.

How can I prevent smoke-backs in my pellet stove?

Pellet stoves have been in use since the 1980's and have a proven track record of providing a very clean, safe method of home heating.

However, precautions must be taken with pellet stoves, as with any appliance in the home.  Every time before pressing “ON” to start your unit – Be sure to remove all ashes (burnt or partially burnt) from your burn pot area.  Wearing protective gloves and with the unit cool, remove the Wear Plate (if your unit is equipped with one) and dump the ashes, ensuring that the air holes are clear from debris.  If your unit does not have a Wear Plate, remove the burn pot and dump the ashes, following the instructions in your owner's manual. 

Also be sure to follow all other maintenance instructions as outlined in your Owner’s Manual and the Instructional DVD included with the unit.  Failure to remove ashes from this area before each burn can potentially cause smoke-back and serious damage to your stove, and can void your warranty.  We will not be held responsible for poorly maintained units, including excess ash in the burn pot area.  Burn Safe and Burn Clean – Clean the burn pot area daily!

How do I adjust (keep tight) my hopper lid latches?

Hopper lid latches must be kept tight on a pellet stove, to seal the top and ensure safe, quality operation. This is also true of a pellet grill.

If you need to adjust or replace your hopper lid latch(es), Click Here for an instruction sheet that details this procedure.

How do I replace the PU-CHA igniter?

The auto-igniter system in our pellet stoves is a reliable, convenient feature that takes the work out of starting your fire.

If you need to replace the igniter, Click Here for an instruction sheet.  The sheet covers stoves with cast housing, as well as machined (pictures and explanation included).

How do I change out the thermal sensor wire?

The thermal sensor is an important part of the diagnostics system of your pellet stove.

If you need to change out the thermal sensor, Click Here for an instruction sheet.

How do I replace the exhaust (combustion) blower on my stove?

The exhaust (or combustion) blower is responsible for creating the 'negative draft' that keeps your pellet (or multi-fuel) unit burning.  Click Here to see the instruction sheet that will help you replace your blower, quickly and correctly.

How do I replace the vacuum hose? (for the exhaust blower)

Replacing the high-temperature vacuum hose that connects to the exhaust blower is quick and easy, but there are a couple of things to be aware of.

Click Here for an instruction sheet that details the replacement of the vacuum hose to the exhaust blower.

How do I replace the vacuum switch?

Changing out a vacuum switch in your pellet (or multi-fuel) stove is easy, and ensures safe, reliable operation.

Click Here for an instruction sheet that details this procedure. Instructions are included for pre-2006 models as well as 2006-current.

How do I replace my convection (room air) blower on my pellet stove?

The convection blower is the blower that forces heated air into the living area of your home.  If it becomes necessary to replace the convection blower,

Click Here for an instruction sheet detailing this procedure.  This covers most of our pellet stove models; see your Owner's Manual or call (800) 245-6489 if you have any questions.

How do I replace the (PU-047040) auger motor AND align the augers?

The auger / auger motor system is what makes a pellet stove unique from other fuel appliances; it allows the stove to get constant, steady fuel to keep your home warm and comfortable.

If you need to replace your PU-047040 auger motor, you may need to re-align your augers, as well. Click Here to see the instruction sheet that will help you replace your motor(s) and determine if you need to align your augers.

How do I replace the auger bearing and/or the auger bearing gasket?

Click Here for an instruction sheet that shows how to replace the auger bearing and also the auger bearing gasket on your pellet stove.

What is this gasket around and under my auger motors?

Click Here for instructions regarding the use and application of gasket padding under the pellet stove auger motors.

How do I replace the shelf that the auger motor rests on?

The auger(s) in your stove model may rest on an 'auger support shelf.'

If you ever need to remove this shelf, Click Here for an instruction sheet that details this procedure.

How do I replace the PU-BPG burn pot gasket?

Occasionally, you will need to replace the burn pot gasket as part of your routine maintenance program.

Click Here for an instruction sheet with instructions for replacing the PU-BPG burn pot gasket.

How do I replace the door gasket on my stove?

Our wood and pellet models have various types of door styles, but all door gaskets are replaced in very similar ways.

Click Here for instructions for removing and replacing the door gasket on your stove.

How do I replace the glass gasket on my stove?

Like the door gaskets on the various models, glass gaskets are replaced in very similar ways across the wood and pellet stove designs.

Click Here for instructions for removing and replacing the glass gasket on your stove.

How do I replace the hopper lid gasket?

Click Here for instructions for removing and replacing the gasket that provides the important hopper lid seal on your pellet stove.

How do I replace the hopper lid safety switch?

Your pellet stove (or pellet grill) may come equipped with an 'arm' or a 'button' type hopper lid switch.

Click Here for instructions showing how to replace the hopper lid switch.

How do I clean my combustion blower? How do I replace the combustion blower and/or motor gaskets?

Any time you remove the combustion (exhaust) blower on your pellet stove (i.e. for cleaning), the gasket should be replaced.

You may choose to remove the entire blower, or just the motor on the blower...either way, the PU-CBMG gasket kit has you covered.

Click Here for instructions for removing your combustion blower for cleaning, as well as replacing the gaskets. Be sure to check out your owner's manual and the DVD that came with your unit for further instructions for cleaning the blower.

What about external thermostats for pellet stoves or wood furnaces?

A Note on our Add-On Wood Furnace: Do NOT use an external thermostat on our 28-3500/50-SHW35/50-TRW35 whole house add-on furnace. Follow the instructions in the manual pertaining to the controller that is included with our furnace, and contact us if you have any further questions.

Pellet Units:
There is now a Remote Thermostat that may be used on our pellet units.

It is actually easier to install than a wall thermostat, and can be installed in about 5 minutes!
Click Here to see the Remote Thermostat

External Wall Thermostat for Pellet (or Multi-Fuel) Stoves: When using an external wall thermostat with our pellet freestanding or insert models, do not place it more than 14’ (fourteen feet) from the stove.
An external thermostat (such as our Part No. PU-DTSTAT) can be used on our pellet units as long as it is a 24-volt that works with millivolt systems.

Instructions: After unplugging the stove, locate the jumper wire on the bottom of the control panel (J-3). The two screws should then be loosened and the jumper wire removed from the board. Next, the two thermostat lead wires should be connected at this location and the screws tightened; the jumper wire should be saved for future operation without a thermostat. More information can be found here.
The pellet stove will operate differently once the wall thermostat is installed -- see your owner's manual and contact us with any questions.

If you need more information on this, please call Technical Support at (800) 245-6489 or  email us.

How do I install a wall thermostat on my pellet (or multi-fuel) stove?

A wall thermostat that works with a pellet (or multi-fuel) unit is a popular choice with some homeowners.

Click Here for an instruction sheet that shows how to install a wall thermostat on our pellet (and multi-fuel) stoves.

Tell me more about the remote thermostat (and may I see the instructions for it?)

A remote thermostat is a convenient, powerful tool that you can use with many of our pellet (and multi-fuel) stoves. Our remote thermostat is model AC-3003.

Click Here for an information sheet on our remote thermostat.

Click Here for the manufacturer's instructions for installation and use.

Click Here if you would like to purchase a remote thermostat.

How do I test my wall or remote thermostat function without firing up my stove?

You can test your thermostat's function without actually having your stove powered On.

Click Here for an instruction sheet that shows you how to test your thermostat's function.

How do I install window trim (basic instructions)?

Window trim is simple to install and can add that 'extra touch' to the look of your stove.

Click Here to see the basic instructions for adding window trim to your stove.

How do I put this impingement plate back in my firebox? (Certain pellet models)

Sometimes in shipping, the impingement (baffle) plate may shift out of position.

Click Here for an instruction sheet that shows proper placement of the impingement plate.

What are these three buttons at the bottom of my pellet stove’s control board?

Many customers have called us or emailed us and have asked this question. At the bottom of the (digital, button-type) control board of any England's Stove Works pellet unit are three buttons, labeled "Low Fuel Feed," "Low Burn Air," and "Air on Temp."
These three buttons are preset at the factory, and should NOT need to be adjusted.

If you are having problems with your stove and feel that the buttons may be out of adjustment, please call Technical Support at (800) 245-6489 or  email us and explain your problem.

How do I re-wire and install my PU-CB04 control board?

The control board is definitely the 'brain of the stove,' but replacing (and re-wiring) a control board is a fairly quick and simple task.

Click Here for an instruction sheet that details how to replace the control board.

How do I replace my PU-CB98 (non-igniter) control board with the new PU-CB04 board?

If you have an older pellet stove and are replacing the PU-CB98 control board with a new PU-CB04 board,

Click Here to see the instructions detailing how to change out the old board for a new one.

Pellet Manufacturers - And where to find them!

The Pellet Fuels Institute is a great trade association that promotes energy independence 'through the efficient use of clean, renewable, densified biomass fuel.'

Click Here to check out their member directory page; it allows you to select the Category "Fuel Manufacturer" and see their listing of the folks who make this wonderful, portable, clean and renewable pellet fuel.

Will a wood or pellet stove save me money? Is this for me?

We've all heard  many of the great reasons for purchasing a wood (or wood pellet) stove...

Wood and Pellet Stoves Save Money

We've all heard  many of the great reasons for purchasing a wood (or wood pellet) stove.

       A few of the more popular reasons are:
       -It uses renewable fuel
       -The fuel is widely available
       -It makes you more self-reliable and independent from oil, electricity, etc.
       -The heat just feels "better" and the flame is cozy and beautiful to look at

      But the main thing on many people's minds who are considering the purchase of a wood, pellet or multi-fuel stove is:
    "Will a wood stove, multi-fuel or pellet stove save me money?"

Please take a few moments to look below at some of the resources we've gathered that address the advantages of heating with wood or wood pellet fuel.  They cover many of the great perks of burning with wood and pellets, including the reasons listed above - and, yes, we've even included handy fuel calculators, so you can get an idea of how much money you can save. Enjoy!

Fuel Calculators

First things first...

The Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association (HPBA) has put together a quick Fuel Efficiency Calculator that can give you an idea of how much money you may be able to save annually.  You can even enter your own costs, if you want to be more accurate.

Want to try some other calculators?

Pellet Fuels Institute has a nice Fuel Calculator chart here

And has a great Fuel Calculator of their own, here

But wait, there's more...

--We're always touting the fact that we have so many EPA Certified (and WA State approved) wood, pellet and multi-fuel stoves in our line-up. The question has been asked before: "What's so great about that?"
Well, less smoke and more efficiency means that, besides being great for the environment (and easier on your neighbors), it actually saves you even more money.
The EPA has some good information that answers the question:  "Will switching to an EPA Certified stove really save me money?"

--The HPBA also has a short overview of how to choose the right stove for your home, here

--To help you narrow your options and explore the benefits of our stoves even further, we've put together an article that goes into some detail describing how you can choose the best stove for your needs

--Mother Earth News has an article entitled "Is Wood Heating Right for You?"  It covers some of the benefits of heating with wood and helps you decide if it's really for you.

--Click Here for more E.S.W. News Items

And, finally,

--Click here for Our Home Page to see specific Englander, Timber Ridge and Summers Heat stove descriptions for wood, pellet and multi-fuel models.

If you would like to view videos showing how to operate and maintain this unit, check out the Help tab on this page.

Click on the video below to check out the great features of this stove!