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About Us

Family Tradition

England’s Stove Works (ESW)

was started in 1976 by Bob England and his son Ron, literally in their own backyard.  Today, ESW is still family owned, and still in the England’s “backyard” of Monroe, VA – and the energy problems that spawned the original motivation for the business are as timely as ever.  ESW has grown to supply stoves to distributors and retail stores throughout the U.S.A. and Canada.


The plant facility in Monroe has seen numerous additions over the years.  The latest additions include a 100,000 sq. ft. warehouse/manufacturing facility (in nearby Madison Heights), and a doubling in size to the on-site, state-of-the-art burn laboratory, which allows for in-house R&D and rigorous testing of new product.  ESW has also added new, technologically-advanced equipment to its production line as the company has evolved, allowing the company to keep up with increasing demand for its product and keep costs as low as possible, while maintaining the quality that Ron England always insisted upon.

Ingenuity, Sales and Service

England’s Stove Works manufactures a full product line of pellet, multi-fuel and wood stoves (as well as pellet grills), helping to meet the nation’s ever-growing demands for alternative energy.  Thirty years ago, ESW took a huge risk and became the first manufacturer in the industry to market to large “Do it Yourself” retailers, and has found its niche as a top hearth manufacturer for this marketplace.  ESW’s product is mainly distributed through Do-It-Yourself chains, including “big box” storefronts such as Lowe’s and The Home Depot, as well as Canadian Tire; product is also distributed through co-operatives, regional chains and distributors. 
The company’s three name brands (Englander, Summers Heat and Timber Ridge) are recognized nationally by consumers and industry insiders alike as representing affordable, reliable product that is backed by more than 35 years of service enhanced by constant, ongoing improvements.
In-house Technical Support is available from factory-trained technicians, most of whom are also on the Quality Control team for the manufacturing plant during the building season.  Multi-lingual support (including Spanish and French) is offered.  The company is also continuously updating its web site, - the web site offers product information; a nationwide dealer locator; FAQ’s; stove manuals; instructional sheets and videos (see the individual product pages); online parts and accessory ordering; testimonials; a walk-through, “wizard-style” troubleshooting section and more.

Product and Production

England’s Stove Works’ product line has improved exponentially since the original one-quarter inch thick, steel wood stove “boxes” of the 1970’s.  Production is constantly monitored and improved as needed at the central VA plant locations, with new production software, tools and equipment added to the facilities as sales projections increase.
Tightened emissions standards in the past several decades brought about catalytic, then new-generation non-catalytic wood stoves, with ESW on the “cutting edge” of Research, Development, and large-scale production for the industry.  With the advent of pellet stoves in the 1980’s, ESW began development and production of its own unique design of pellet stoves, and is currently one of the top (if not the top) manufacturer of pellet stoves in the United States*.  Recent product offerings include a pellet/multi-fuel burner, a European-influenced wood unit and a Contemporary-styled pellet stove, as well as a patented pellet grill that is actually a grill and a smoker. 
ESW keeps its “finger on the pulse” of feedback concerning its product, and customer testimonials – the only accolades or awards after which ESW actively seeks – can be found on the Testimonials page of .


• For over 35 years, England’s Stove Works has delivered quality, reliable product to its customers, placing emphasis on affordability to “the working man and woman” and a user-friendly design that makes operation and maintenance as simple as possible.
• ESW has been innovative in the product that it offers:  considerable time and money have been invested in the on-site, state-of-the-art burn laboratory, and this has paid off in such areas as receiving a “Certified Stoves Hall of Fame” award and honorable mention for two of our wood-burning units (awarded by “Hearth and Home” magazine; January, 2006; Village West Publishing) - see more on our website's News page.
• ESW has also been innovative in the way it offers its product:  ESW was the first heating stove manufacturer to market to large “Do-It-Yourself” retailers, and continues to offer affordable product to the “working man and woman.”
• ESW entered into the hearth industry by making wood stoves, and has procured and maintained a major share of the fast-growing pellet stove market, becoming a top manufacturer of freestanding pellet stoves*.  Production of pellet units has grown exponentially, and ESW is planning for more growth in our pellet, multi-fuel and wood lines.
• Recent nationwide discussion concerning “alternative fuel” for heating has rekindled interest (and sales) in the hearth industry.  ESW has planned for this growth, and is currently improving on space and production methods to meet the projected demand for its product - read more about fuel types in our article "What Type of Fuel is Best for Me and My Family?" on our website's News page.

*Based on data from the Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association, Arlington, VA